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Wondering how to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently? See M&M Automotive in Columbia, TN for regular oil changes.

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One of the many significant maintenance procedures that will keep your vehicle in prime condition is staying on top of oil changes. Oil changes are an inexpensive service that allows your automobile to function smoothly and efficiently. Regular oil changes will also help avoid expensive repairs over the lifespan of your automobile. Visit M&M Automotive in Columbia, TN for speedy oil changes!

When will your car need an oil change?

  • Typically changes should  occur around every 3,000 miles
  • Vehicle manufacturer’s advice may vary – you should always refer to your manual

Our expert specialists will:

  • Get rid of old oil
  • Replace old oil filter
  • Lubricate fittings where needed
  • Refill with a quality oil choice

We carry a full array of conventional, semi-synthetic, and synthetic oil as well as high mileage oil designed for automobiles with more than 75,000 miles. Contact us today to set an appointment.

Why are oil changes essential?

Eventually, high operating temperatures cause the thermal breakdown of oil, causing it to be less effective as a lubricant. Lubricant is vital to prevent the wear of engine parts due to excessive friction. Acid neutralizing additives in oil decrease in effectiveness as time goes by, and oil ultimately becomes full of dust, water and combustion residues that result in engine deterioration.  Ignoring or forgetting regular oil changes will result in low engine performance. Oil performs numerous indispensable functions, and clean oil will perform far more effectively than dirty oil. Regular oil changes are important to automobile’s performance and safety.

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