Engine Diagnostics

Unusual noises or poor vehicle handling? Visit M&M Automotive in Columbia, TN for engine diagnostics before serious issues occur.

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Today’s automobiles are combined with sophisticated on-board computer technology. On-board systems improve vehicle performance and are vital in finishing thorough engine diagnostics to evaluate automobile problems that may arise. The “Check Engine” light turns on when your vehicle is not running as it should. Engine diagnostics help to quickly locate what part of the engine is faulty.

Indications your vehicle may need engine diagnostics:

  • “Check Engine” light is displayed on dashboard
  • Unfamiliar noises or reduced vehicle handling

Our expert mechanics will:

  • Detect issues with cutting edge diagnostic equipment
  • Perform necessary engine component repairs or replacement

To prevent compounding problems, it is important to have professional engine diagnostics completed at the first sign of issues when the “Check Engine” warning light turns on. We will deliver complete diagnostics and perform any essential services, allowing you to return safely to the road quickly. Contact us today to set an appointment.

What happens with an engine diagnostic?

Our diagnostic equipment connects directly to the onboard computer of your automobile. The software will communicate with the vehicle computer to show a diagnostic code, which is checked against our database of manufacturer vehicle codes. The code offers needed information in finding and executing the proper resolution to the automobile problem.

Diagnostic codes reveal a comprehensive variety of problems, from the simple to the complicated. Engine diagnostics allow our technicians to offer the most accurate estimates for repair costs and the amount of time that will be needed to fix the issue

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