Coolant Flushes

Keep your system running at peak performance with a coolant flush at M&M Automotive in Columbia, TN.

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Coolant, or antifreeze, soaks up heat from the engine and distributes it through the radiator. It is also dispersed through the heat exchanger in the passenger compartment when you use the automobile’s heating system. Coolant is typically a 50/50 ratio blend of ethylene or propylene glycol and water.

Eventually, sediment and deposits that can jam the cooling system will accrue in your automobile’s radiator. A coolant flush and fill clear out these deposits and thwart overheating, which is the cause of most engine damage and breakdowns. It is advised for most automobiles that coolant/antifreeze be changed seasonally, and fluids replaced every 30,000 miles. Check your owner’s manual for your automobile manufacturer’s recommendations.

Indications your coolant/antifreeze system may require service:

  • Steam coming from the engine
  • Indicator / warning lights light up
  • Temperature gauge indicates automobile is running at a higher temperature than usual
  • Signs of fluid leak or loss

Our skilled mechanics will:

  • Carefully examine the coolant/antifreeze system
  • Repair and/or replace any parts as necessary
  • Replace old coolant/antifreeze with new fluid

If you think your automobile may be having troubles with overheating, let our mechanics perform a coolant flush on your system.  Contact us today to set an appointment.

Why are coolant flushes essential to your automobile?

Coolant can quickly break down because it works in a hot and harsh environment. When the coolant's rust inhibitors become diminished, the narrow cooling passageways in the engine and radiator are susceptible to corrosion. In the end some corrosion will occur, even with rust inhibitors. The engine block is the main cause of rust in a automobile’s cooling system. Bits of rust will jam radiator and heater passages, resulting in your engine overheating. If coolant is not frequently checked, the rust inhibitors will stop working, and the cooling system can rust from the inside out. 

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