Using Used Tires

Most everyone understands that driving on compromised tires is dangerous. It is important to inspect tires and measure tread depth on a regular basis to assure that tires are safe. There is another tire problem, though, that many drivers may not even realize is a safety issue. Old tires can be dangerous, even if the tread appears to be okay.

In many cases, old tires show no visible sign of deterioration and appear to be safe, usable tires. Because they are rubber products, tires have a limited service life, since tire rubber compounds deteriorate over time. Regardless of wear and mileage, cracks develop in the rubber as they age. These cracks can occur on both the inside and outside of the tire. Eventually this cracking leads to the separation of the steel belts in the tread from the rest of the tire.

M&M Automotive in Columbia, TN wants to make sure that you are driving on a safe set of tires. That is why M&M Automotive has a variety of tires to give you options and help you choose the best tires that are fit for your driving needs. Stop by and see M&M Automotive for tires, auto services and auto repairs!

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