“Hey, You Have a Flat!”

If you had a flat and didn’t know it, wouldn’t you want someone to tell you? Traveling the roads of Columbia, TN with a flat tire is not in your agenda. Perhaps, you thought the rubber smell was from another car. Or, you felt the weird bump but thought it was just a fluke. In reality, you have a flat tire and don’t know it until it’s too late. Being friendly on the road could help someone out in the long run and hopefully the favor will be returned.

How do you alert someone of their flat tire? We have a few ideas!

• Flash your high beams at them and then drive next to them pointing to their tire

• Drive next to them with a light ‘honk’ to get their attention while pointing to their tire

The important thing to remember, do not put your own life in danger. If there are a lot of cars on the road then speeding up, honking, slowing down and alerting someone of their flat tire may put you at risk for an accident to occur. It is key to wait for the right moment.

M&M Automotive in Columbia, TN sees more flat tires than one could ever imagine. If you are worried that your tires are not holding air like they used to or worried about the life of you tire, be sure to visit M&M Automotive! We have been the local source for tire & auto service needs since 1997. M&M Automotive is committed to keep you moving!

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