Common Auto Repair Questions

M&M Automotive wants you to be an educated consumer before you step in to our conveniently located shop!

Check out some of the most common auto repair questions from Columbia, TN residents:

Why is car maintenance important?

To help keep your car running newer and longer.  Never let routine maintenance go as it can cause a variety of issues on your vehicle that will cost you more money in the long run.

How often do bulbs typically last?

Bulb life varies but M&M Automotive would be happy to inspect your vehicle, including your lights. 

How often should I replace my wiper blades?

The life of wipe blades varies – depends on where you live, but a general rule of thumb can be – if wipers smear water or obstruct your view, then it’s time for new wiper blades.

Do you have different questions to ask our auto service experts?  Contact us, today!

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