Air Conditioning in my Car isn’t Working

We get this comment often and it’s not a situation most people are ‘cool’ about. It’s not a fun feeling to fiddle with your vehicle’s A/C controls to figure out what isn’t working. By the time you’ve twisted every knob possible you’ll take a deep sigh and realize the A/C in your car may be broken.

The good news here is that failing A/C’s in cars are common and can be fixed. It’s best to take your car to M&M Automotive as soon as you detect the A/C is failing. If you wait the once small leak will turn to a big leak. There are often times signs of a failing A/C system that M&M automotive wants you to be on the lookout for:

  • Water leak inside the vehicle
  • A/C runs hot when on cool
  • Engine makes a loud sound when the A/C is being used
  • Fan isn’t blowing out air at all or it’s blowing out hot air

M&M Automotive can assess the A/C problem in your vehicle in no time. Schedule an appointment online or give us a call today. M&M Automotive wants to keep you cool, Columbia, TN!

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