Air Conditioning Drama!

Did your vehicle start blowing out warm air? Will your vehicle not cool to the temperature you set? Does your vehicle stall or idle roughly when air conditioning is being used?

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but it sounds like you have A/C issues.

Do not worry! The technicians at M&M Automotive in Columbia, TN are well trained in combating A/C issues in automobiles. Our technicians will take pressure readings, test for a leak, test outlet for temperature, inspect components and observe performance, check hoses, belts and connections, evacuate and recharge refrigerant.

There is not a specific timeline as to when a vehicle may need to have the air conditioning evaluated. It depends on the amount of refrigerant required and whether the system has a leak. It is normal for a car to lose 1-2 ounces of refrigerant a year. More than likely, you won’t have to worry about your A/C not working until you hit about 100K miles.

Be sure to visit our air conditioning page to learn more. Contact M&M Automotive in Columbia, TN if you are concerned about the status of the air conditioning in your vehicle.

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