Belts & Hoses

Noticing steam rising from your engine? Have your belts and hoses checked at M&M Automotive in Columbia, TN.

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Some important parts of your vehicle, such as the power steering pump and water pump rely on belts and hoses to maintain working order. Over time being exposed to high temperatures, damaging chemicals and vibrations can cause cracks and leaks; resulting in belts and hose having a short life span compared to of most of the parts in a vehicle.

Belt or hose complications may result in a number of problems including a loss of power steering, an overheated engine, or loss of the electrical charging system. When a hose leaks coolant or a belt turning the water pump breaks, the cooling system will shut down. Engine overheating may result in serious internal damage, which will result in the need for expensive repairs. While overheating can occur anytime, it can be particularly common in the summer months, when outdoor temperatures are high. Excessive heat can trigger or intensify deterioration of rubber compounds. Look out for weaknesses and problems before trouble occurs on the road with consistent checking of belts and hoses.

If you think your vehicle may have an issue related to belts and hoses, let our professionals perform our comprehensive inspection.To learn more about our belt and hose service, contact us today.

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